Built By Many


Welcome to BUILT BY MANY, our COLLABORATIVE and REAL TIME restoration


We’re ‘Edd & Al’ and we first met as students studying product design at university. We share a lifelong enthusiasm for classic cars, problem solving and big ideas. Now, we’re back in the workshop together, to bring our passions to life.

Edd China is a TV presenter and inventor best known for his ‘how to’ restorations on the TV show, ‘Wheeler Dealers’. Edd is our in-house expert and will work with our industry partners and specialists to showcase the skills required to pull off a total restoration.

Al Cox is a Xoogler and was founder and Head of the Google Creative Academy at the Googleplex in California. Al will be getting stuck in with Edd and helping our partners make the most from the web.

Over the next 12 months, we’ll be restoring our  beautiful 1968 Series 1 E-Type Coupe and delivering a wealth of ‘how to’ videos, plus more back story on the car, the personalities and the history of the marque to put our restoration into context. It’s collaborative because we know we’ll need lots of  help and it’s real time, because every week we’ll be sharing the latest on our progress.

As Built By Many, we want to celebrate our automotive heritage by keeping classic cars on the road. Not housed in museums or stuck waiting for restoration at the back of the shed. If this is music to your ears, then please follow along and get involved.  

Our trailer will launch on June 1st 2018 and if you’d like to see the Built By Many car we’ll be at the Jaguar XK70 Celebrations on June 9th & 10th at Shelsley Walsh.

Edd & Al


If you’re a business, club member, owner, racing driver or simply a classic car enthusiast and you’d like to be involved in the show we’d love to hear from you. Over the summer we’ll be building out our episode guide and working with you to ensure it’s chocked full of classic car loveliness.

We’ll be sharing updates as we go along and as we prepare for our first full episode but in the meantime here are some of the ways to get involved.

The best way for everyone to get involved is to subscribe to the Built By Many YouTube channel, watch our videos and then give us your comments and suggestions as we go along. Thumbs up or Thumbs down we value your feedback and what you think of our progress.

Social Media
You can also keep up to date with us via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we’ll be sharing snippets of what's going on behind the scenes.

Practical Classics
When we launch our first full episode, Edd will be bringing you a monthly round-up of progress with Danny Hopkins in Practical Classics Magazine and we’ll have plenty of opportunities for readers to get their hands dirty. 

E-Type Club
We’ll also be serialising progress with our partners at The E-Type Club through their monthly magazine. If you are a member, we’d love to hear your interesting stories or you may even want to join the team as a volunteer. 

If you’re a band and want to appear on the show please get in touch.        

For all enquiries please get in touch via info@builtbymany.com