Built By Many


Welcome to BUILT BY MANY, our COLLABORATIVE and REAL TIME restoration


Built By Many is a collaborative and real time restoration show on YouTube hosted by me, Al Cox and launched with the help of my buddy and all round megastar Edd China. The first ‘project car’ is a barn fresh Series 1.5 E-Type Coupe and the goal is to deliver a monthly restoration show with all the 'how to' videos and backstory we all love to watch.

Before this project I was a Googler and developed and ran the Google Creative Academy at the Googleplex in California. Now I’m follwing my lifelong passion for classic cars and bringing that together with my professional experience to develop a unique platform and practical resource for all car restoration enthusiasts. 

The series is being funded through audience and business patrons so please visit the project page on patreon.com/builtbymany and check out the goals for the series, what it’s going to take to pull them off - and how YOU can be involved.

Thanks again to Edd for helping me to get this show on the road and see you soon!

Best, Al


The best way for everyone to get involved is to subscribe to the Built By Many YouTube channel, watch our videos and then give us your comments and suggestions as we go along. Thumbs up or Thumbs down we value your feedback and what you think of our progress.

Practical Classics
We’ll be bringing you a monthly round-up of progress in Practical Classics Magazine and we’ll have plenty of opportunities for readers to get their hands dirty.

E-Type Club
We’ll also be serialising progress with our partners at The E-Type Club through their monthly magazine. If you are a member, we’d love to hear your stories, or you may even want to join the team as a volunteer!

For more information on how to receive weekly updates, helping to shape the direction of restoration and hearing more from our contributing experts, please visit our Patreon page.